Fast and Easy Websites For Contractors

Features included in the RocketFusion software

We focus on small contractor businesses who need a website that is inexpensive, and easy to edit and manage... something that puts you in the driver's seat so you don't have to pay everytime you need to update your website. And no software installations, like Dreamweaver or GoLive. Our software is server-based, with an administrative login.

As contractors ourselves, we know you prefer to do as much of the hands-on work yourself as you can, as long as it is easy and fast. Read on...

RocketFusion Features:

  • Your choice of a stock "template" (look and feel) from our library.
  • Static pages:
    • as many as you want, really -- no limit
    • simply click "edit", type, save, you're done!
    • automatically creates QR Codes for you
    • uses a simple MS Word-like page editor
    • each page can include any of the other functions listed below
  • News function:
    • unlimited number of news stories
    • also uses a simple MS Word-like page editor
    • add frequent alerts or news items, or a newsletter
    • news can appear on a specific date and go away on another, automatically
    • works with the built-in Contact Manager for bulk emailing
    • post to Facebook, automatically
  • Image Gallery:
    • upload as many photos as you want, sorted into categories
    • create dynamic photo slideshows on any page
    • includes a PayPal-driven Simple Shopping Cart
  • Online Calendar:
    • post all your events in a calendar-like layout
    • works with the dynamic forms to allow "seminar registration"
  • File Areas,
    • upload DOC, XLS, PDF, ZIP files
    • upload MP3 files, which will be playable on the page via a built-in player
  • Dynamic, Custom Online Forms:
    • creates as many online forms as you want
    • All entries are databased and are integrated with the Contact Manager
    • Optional GPS capability, storing the location where the form was filled out
    • Optional post-live, so others can see what has been added, automatically
    • Optional PayPal for payments based on fees you embed in form
  • Contact Manager:
    • creates a basic contact form for you, collecting customer information
    • lightning fast response times -- get an SMS text on your mobile phone when someone fills out the form!
    • bulk contact everyone in your contact us database
    • create lists that your potential customers can opt-in to
    • send content from news pages
    • bulk import names from spreadsheets or other contact systems you may have
  • Various Content Editing Tools, such as:
    • Image uploader for content and news pages.
    • WYSIWYG editor for all content and news pages.
  • Industry-breaking turnaround times — less than two weeks if you're prepared to work with us and get us your content.
  • Free support and training, including a free monthly refresher course we call "WebWorks University."
  • Free software updates as the software is improved.
  • The "keys" to your new website.

We know our customers, and we know what they want. And we deliver.

Get working with us today, and be done tomorrow.

Give us a call. We'll get your site done, fast. We know what we're doing.

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